Better Customer Service

Not only do we bring you an online business solution which is second to none but we also offer you a variety of extra services that will greatly assist you in both managing your site, as well as enhancing aspects on line business activity.

Better Features

Any of the Net Affair Plus + Business Solutions offers features that allow you to give your customers the best posiible service.  some of these features include:

Setup Instant inquiry/order notifications -
With your web forms, orders or other important events, Net Affair Plus lets you set up an email notification or an SMS notification. You can also set up reminders which prod you to take action if you forget to take action. We call these "Workflows", and you can set up management escalations, email reminders and so on so you will get back to the customer within a time limit you've set for yourself.

Qualify Those Requests -
You're in control of your own web forms with Net Affair Plus. It's a point and click approach to customize your own web forms so you have the ability to easily insert multiple choice or yes/no questions in there to facilitate the customer with their inquiry.

This leads to having a better understanding of their requirements which in turn leads to better customer service! You can also use the web form builder to build customer satisfaction surveys! And that's how Net Affair Plus can help your business deliver far greater customer service online!

Better Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Net Affair Plus + allow you to interact with customers in their own specific way. For one business, you may need a VIP checkbox to mark orders from important customers and report on them later. In another example a florist might want to record a wife's birthday against the husband's customer record so he's able to receive the a reminder 5 days before from the florist that his wife's birthday is coming up.

Net Affair Plus's customizable database allows you to add your own information to each customer record to suit your own business. Under the Administration menu you'll find an option "Extend Customer Database". Here you'll be able to create a new CRM Form and define the information you want to add. Then you simply need to specify how the field will be used, and away you go.


Aside from the CMS and CRM functions we also offer SEO and copy writing services for the ongoing improvement of your site. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.and