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As apart of our service we work with all levels of business in developing a simple site, business solution or an online process that best suits your requirements.  The following displays an expression of  thanks from some of the many clients we have assisted.

Dingo SEO offers:

A full range of Search Engine Optimizaton Packages

Dingo SEO offers full service for getting your Online Business Solution rated higher on search engines, they offer a free basic survey of your site and make recommendations to increase the visibility of the site to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of your website in the natural search engine rankings to increase the amount of qualified traffic to your website. The SEO process involves advanced website optimisation and builds on the best practices as set by the search engines and makes sure your website is search engine friendly.

The principles and promises of high rankings are all the same from every search engine marketing company however, like everything in business the results achieved from website optimisation are considerably different. After all it is a process of out-ranking another website, so your approach it needs to be controlled to achieve top results. Any SEO company can increase your rankings, however, very few SEO companies can deliver in the most competitive online markets. Dingo SEO offers you a premium service with ongoing support to ensure your site stays high in the rankings.

Brougham Associates.

Marketing Consultancy

Brougham Associates offer you a full consultancy service either on a one off campaign basis or we can be available for regular consultancy whenever needed. Their team will arrange a contract that will suit your needs. Consider using their services as you would those of an Accountant or Solicitor. You have your expertise, use theirs for your marketing needs. They will also assist you in either writing your marketing plan or updating an old plan to suit a new campaign. Marketing plans are considered part of an overall business plan and therefore if your Business Plan is out of date so will your marketing plan be out of date. They can assist in writing a new plan for you or updating your old business plan. After doing this we will also encourage you to keep your plan constantly up to date.

Marketing Mentoring

Mentoring is a little different than Consultancy, in that they offer our senior Partner/Mentor to evaluate your ideas and give advice on how these ideas may affect your overall business strategy. They will also be able to direct you in areas of any unknown (to you) activities that you want to explore. Their senior mentor has many years experience in Marketing and has a huge contact database worldwide which can be on hand to help if their expertise is within your area of needs. Mentoring is the fastest growing area of business support and you should consider this before entering into any major business transaction or marketing campaign.

Export Marketing

Their Export Department is set up to assist Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's) to get their products to a wider market by introducing them to other countries. Exporting offers a diverse and sophisticated marketplace for your products/services. Our expertise in marketing, finding and appointing a distributor, assisting with the supply chain and ensuring that your product is placed on the right shelf is what we do well and we will give you full support towards success of your venture. Cameron Products Pty Ltd with their "Weeding Brush", Rope & Plastic International with their "Battery Handles" and Ilum-a-Lite with Their Light Eco" range have all seen success with using Brougham Associates as their Exporting consultants. They have knowledge and contacts to be able to get you into exporting using the Australian Government grants schemes where appropriate, they work closely with Austrade and State Government Departments and they will travel to the country of your choice on your behalf or with you to exhibit your products at a suitable trade exhibition. They will also set up or guide you to building a suitable display at that exhibition.